marijuana_plant2_275p_287.jpgThe War On Drugs loses another battle, this time to a former soldier. Even though voters passed a statewide medical marijuana law in Colorado that okayed the licensed growing of herb, police still kick down people’s doors and seize plants. But now a judge has ordered the plants be returned to Kevin Dickes, a former Marine and Gulf War Veteran who was quite elated with the ruling, “It’s great — I need my stuff back.” Unfortunately though, the crop is likely ruined as cops don’t have the resources or knowhow when it comes to growing proper high grade:

[D]ickes and his attorney are skeptical that police have maintained the hydroponically grown plants for eight months.
“I doubt they have the resources to have a grow room at the police station. Are they going to pay some guy to sit there and take care of my marijuana?” Dickes said in a telephone interview.
Growing marijuana takes time, care and expertise, he said, adding that he may seek financial damages if police fail to deliver the plants in good condition

Sweet. If the dude’s stash is wrecked he’ll can sue for damages based on the DEA’s own $5,200 a pound of chronic metric.
Judge: Return marijuana to former Marine |AirForceTimes|
Photo: Elaine Thompson / The Associated Press