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Since the credits read Miami Ad School and there was a little Dannon logo in the corner, first thought was this was simply some sort of mock yogurt ad done as a student assignment. But the drama in this class was in the comments. A one Cerra Buckholz, quickly laid claim to the originals, and was not happy with the outright chicanery. Then things got bitchy fast when someone purporting to be Sara Shelton, the thief in question, and basically expressed little remorse beyond: c’est la vie. Whether you fancy the original modern (on the right) or the retro-bitten (on the left) is irrelevant, noticing the striking similarities are. And even though these are students, one of ’em should get some life credits for experiencing firsthand, what’s one should be sure to expect in a future in advertising.

Dannon Light ‘n Fit Yogurt: Cut-out