It’s hard to believe that David Dinkins was the most recent Democrat to be elected Mayor of NYC and that was back in 1990. Due to a few racial riots here and there, incidents with Korean grocers, and an abysmal fiscal policy, Dinkins legacy as the 106th Mayor is primarily described as “marred.” Despite his shortcomings and the political one sidedness of his Wiki entry, Mayor Dave does score some points for not being Rudy Guliani, and beating him in at least one election. In homage to NYC’s first and only black mayor, Team Facelift, Baron von Fancy, and Pegleg installed this ‘Re-Election Billboard’ in East Harlem. It’s slated to run for 2 years, which is about 547 and half days too many for any advertisement. At least this one’s amusing.
Re-Elect Dinks Campaign |ChompChomp|