Not everyone loves NECKFACE. Clutter magazine’s blog took a swipe at the hideous character-making vandal and likens his art to high school scribbling:
It’s the sort of thing a 16 year old dons their physics textbook with because the teacher is bollocking on about diffraction (see I DID listen once…). Does that make everyone who scribbles down with the DIY ethic?
But the author argues that the NECKFACE phenomena is not all the artist’s fault, and the self righteous arbiters of cool may be the culprits:
Maybe it’s not his fault and that it’s the self-important critics and hyperbeasts who see themselves as the purveyors of cool that are fuelling the hyperbole. Latch on to a guy and see what happens.
Ironically, that’s exactly what Vans and now Baker Skateboards did, only time will tell how it works for them.
Oi! Neckface! No! |Clutter Blog|