210259_3.JPGAt this point, it’s almost expected that some eccentric actor, used to be funny asshole, or exceedingly stupid media personality will get caught in a racist over-the-top jingle on video at some point or the other. But who would have expected a furniture company to enter the fray? Well, surprise, surprise! A black family ordered a chocolate-colored sofa from Vanaik Furntire and it arrived with what looked like a standard, factory issued label except it was neatly imprinted with the words “Nigger Brown” as the color description. Adding insult to injury, the racial slurred label was discovered by the couple’s 7 year-old daughter who had to go ask her mommy what the word meant. As sad as this story is, there could be a silver lining for someone: Kramer might actually be able to find some work now.
Racial slur on sofa label stuns family |Toronto Star via Byron Crawford|