gawker071022_560.jpgAlthough it was a cover story and contained thousands of words, Vanessa Grigoriadis didn’t really say much in her hit piece on Gawker in New York magazine last week. Without delving into the jaded writer’s numerous shortcomings in her assessment of the “rage of the creative class,” besides this gal does a much better job, we will congratulate the author for at least outing Kelly Rippa and Harvey Weinstein’s Soho address. She writes:

Denton’s place is one of the great Manhattan apartments for a party, a cavernous loft that seems to be decorated only in titanium and suede in a Soho building whose other tenants include Kelly Ripa and Harvey Weinstein.

One quick search for Nick Denton + Spring Street pretty much yields all the stalking information you’ll ever need, but don’t thank us.
Everybody Sucks |NY Mag|