amd_camera.jpgJust when you thought Bill Brown was just being paranoid, the Daily News uncovered a secret license plate monitoring program that uses a high tech surveillance camera mounted just blocks from the site of the alleged “Freedom Tower.” The camera is located on the corner of Duane St. and reads rear plates headed north on Church St. It was installed with military precision by mega-defense contractor Northrop Grumman. It automatically scans plates then processes the data, scanning for “suspicious vehicles.” In addition to the stationery camera the po-po offer some big brotherly love to their squad cars too with mobile mounted cams and even bigger plans:

The camera is part of the NYPD’s Lower Manhattan Security Initiative, an $81.5 million plan to protect the Financial District with more than 100 license plate readers, thousands of surveillance cameras and barriers that could automatically block streets.

This sounds like a wise system, unless of course, would be terrorists keep current on their parking tickets. Otherwise, scofflaws beware.
NYPD’S ‘Ring of Steel’ camera rolls, monitors license plates |NYDN|
Photo: Hermann for NY Daily News