While by no means one of those fixed gear alarmists or those hyper reactionary fags who ride the tall bikes, this OBEY-Fuji “Track Bike” is a telltale symbol of the problematic collaborations that will continue to rear their ugly heads. When it comes to the fixed gear/track bike subculture, hopefully relevancy will dictate which products are successful or not. Just doing “collabos” all willy-nilly like streetwear could lead to prophetic fissures. Thankfully, this one is following in the footsteps of “limited edition” release culture and thereby minimizing the overall exposure of this toxic steed to the public. Plus the price tag, $1.400—and the potential for public flogging—is another great built-in safeguard that should keep this Pandora’s Box closed for a little while longer.
Nay! |trackosaurusrex|