14_tmb-1.jpg Whether Igor was Driven By Boredom or just enjoyed asking women to flash their breasts so he could capture it with his polaroid is unimportant, it’s the end product that counts, not to mention that he has finally decided to share his project with the world. And just cause there’s lots of topless women flirtatiously showing their ta-ta’s, don’t assume this project wasn’t done in the name of “art,” the photographer explains:
You might look at this work and think it is not art. To me art is something that means a great deal to me. These photos mean more to me than any of the photography I have ever done. When my apartment was burning down all I grabbed were these photos and my camera. I started these Polaroids when I was 19. I have over 60 different girls and over 100 photos.
It means a great deal to ‘us’ too Igor, you made the right decision. Note: As you can plainly see, this post is already NSFW so why even bother warning you about clicking over.
Driven By Boredom: Party Polaroids by Igor |Fleshbot|
Artist’s website: |Drivenbyboredom|