disney-roen-halloween-mickey-tee-1.jpgBesides the obvious and prevalent trend of streetwear moving further towards infantilism, can someone please explain what’s so cool about doing an official collaboration with Disney? Isn’t the whole spirit of indie fashion brands to challenge the mainstream and mock homogeneous corporate entities and not seek permission from them? Designed by Roen, this t-shirt was created for Halloween, and would make the perfect costume for 30 year-olds trying to look 15. But designs this crappy don’t come cheap. The bland oversized corporate rodent t-shirt is selling for a mind numbing $209. Thankfully this fascination with Orlando theme parks is more of a Japanese phenomenon, but that doesn’t mean U.S. designers aren’t reverting back to their very own style of juvenile designs too.
Disney x Roen Halloween Mickey T-shirt |Hypebeast|