When STRANGEco updates hit the inbox, they, unlike most other newsletters, actually get read cause there’s usually cool shit on some level or another bound to pop up. It ain’t all about tokidokis, I.W.Gs, and the Moofia sets of vinyl toys either, they’ve got what looks like good art books now by a very German sounding publisher: Die Gestalten Verlag. Although the ‘Purveyors of the Peculiar’ didn’t send these for close introspection*, they look good enough for mention, and since they’re a trusted source, all five will get some love here. Plus, they’re all art books with minimal amounts of words, just how ya’ll like it, so how badly could you really complain in the first place? Read on for their polish up and sound bytes, cause this is what we refer to as pure, unmolested shilling, and a total blind review.

Black Magic, White Noise: A beautiful collection of Gothic visuals, focusing on the physical and psychological as interpreted by contemporary designers from around the globe. 160 pages, softcover. 9.5 x 11 inches.
$25.00 wholesale, PRE-ORDER. Ships in September 2007
BLK/MRKT TWO: DGV continues its collaboration with Los Angeles gallery BLK/MRKT with a second compendium of contemporary art and design. This book features current work from a selection of artists associated with the gallery, including David Ellis, Ian Francis, Mark Dean Veca, Lucy McLaughlan, Mel Kadel, Dave Kinsey, Mark Jenkins, Marion Lane, Tiffany Bozic, Gregory Euclide and Ben Tour. 208 pages, hardcover. 9.5 x 12 inches.
$39.00 wholesale, PRE-ORDER. Ships in September 2007
Speed Kings: Speed Kings is a brand-new hardcover book of photography about Drag Racing, a down-to-earth form of motor sport that is both accessible and affordable. It fascinates an ever-growing community of fans from around the world. 128 pages, hardcover. 10 x 7 inches.
$25.00 wholesale, PRE-ORDER. Ships in September 2007
Tactile: High Touch Visuals This brand new title shows how graphic design is moving into three-dimensional objects and products. The innovative examples documented in the book demonstrate how designers are developing and implementing their ideas spatially from the very outset of a project. 208 pages, hardcover. 9.5 x 11 inches.
$39.00 wholesale, PRE-ORDER. Ships in September 2007
Into The Nature: A young generation of designers, illustrators and artists are taking nature as a starting point and bestowing upon it great importance. Into the Nature takes you on a visual exploration through nature and how it’s perceived, portrayed and visualized in the contemporary visual arts of the twenty-first century. It presents an evolutionary vision of nature from Romanticism to Art Brut; flora and fauna are reinvented through ravishing imagery ranging from classical and analogue approaches to cutting edge graphic design, illustration, photography and 3D installations. 272 pages, softcover. 8 x 10 inches.

$27.00 wholesale, PRE-ORDER. Ships in September 2007

*Hey guys, feel free to send all new releases to the address below so we can at least shill with some dignity:
ANIMAL, 200 East 10th street, suite 1010, NY,NY 10003