weed_amd_jackson%20copy.jpg The Daily News had an “exclusive” today about the bust of 71 year old Barbara Jackson, a Bronx resident arrested for buying $20 worth of pot. The great-grandmother is a cancer survivor and claims that the good ganja weed was instrumental in regaining her health and doesn’t appreciate being handcuffed and hauled down to the station house and held for five hours:
“I smoke it to live,” the feisty granny told the Daily News. “I don’t think I should have been arrested.”
She’s been smoking weed for the past 8 years and claims it’s the only thing that helped her recover from chemo and radiation:
“The smell of food made me sick and I was nauseous,” she said. “The marijuana calmed me down and gave me back my appetite. My taste buds are gone, but the marijuana helps me get the food down.”
Kuby’s on the case so chances are this thing gets dismissed pretty quickly. But in the meantime, there’s got to be a way to referendum this shit and get it legalized already. This one collar kept these plainclothes officers off the streets for more than half a day, for what, a good natured granny that barely buys 10 bong hits worth of weed?
Weed it & weep! Granny’s busted |NYP|
Update: All charges dropped.