With the 7th anniversary of the World Trade Center Attacks approaching, architects kicked things into high gear and released some renderings of the proposed 9/11 Museum and memorial site today. Like all things being built at the hole, it won’t be completed till 2012—a full 11 years after the tragedy. Although the building that houses the museum appears minimal, the costs associated with it are anything but: “Museum officials have estimated the annual maintenance cost of the memorial and museum at $45 million to $50 million.” Depending on where the funds come from, they’re even thinking about charging to get into this thing. But to see what? Is there going to be a video loop of the planes crashing? Tragic photos of jumpers? Burnt out remnants of the previous structure? Actually yes: “Two surviving tridents from the north face of the north tower, each almost 90 feet tall, will return to ground zero to be incorporated in the atrium of the museum.” |CityRoom|