Factory Fresh opened a new group show with work by NYC-based artists Beau Velasco, Daniel St. George and Jeremiah Maddock titled “Un Named Rottens.” During the opening, someone walked off with Maddock’s briefcase that contained “works-in-progress,” but he was contacted a few days later by a mysterious text messager who returned the art untouched in a very cloak and dagger fashion. |C-Monster|
Iran’s Ahmadinejad is coming back to NYC in September to attend the U.N. general assembly and defend his country’s rights to develop an alternative to oil. |NYMag|
Bethpage, Long Island beat out NYC to the tap water taste test. |WTO|
The already infamous terrorist-Obamas cover for The New Yorker isn’t the only controversial image that cartoonist Barry Blitt has illustrated. Here’s a whole bunch. |EatThePress|
MTA bombards commuters with exterior subway ads, it’s like sanctioned corporate graffiti, except not. |Gawker|