logo4.jpgEver wonder why the American left is in the shitter? Because soft-hearted hippies are too polite. Case in point, the American Atheists, who are “Ready to Protest the Vatican’s Oppressive and Theocratic Agenda for Our Country and the Rest of the World!” They held a rally today, April 16, in Washington DC; and on Saturday, April 19, a group of level-headed god-haters will counter-program His Eminence’s mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.
But, just for the hell of it, they’re also staging a protest in…Austin. By all accounts, it’ll be a lovely affair. From their protest announcement:

“The sidewalk is wide and unobstructed, the parking is free, this is in a very high visibility area that’s already been the site of a lot of picketing and other demonstrations over the years. I’ve already checked into the demonstration legalities of that location, and it’s simple. We don’t need a permit to picket peacefully on the sidewalk next to Guadalupe Street. That’s more than enough room. I will make sure that we give plenty of notice to the police, and get their approval for the whole thing.”
Where art thou, Juan María Fernández y Krohn?
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Jeff Koyen