Translated: “Hello down there!”
Beavertising! Ladies, does your pink stink? Is your poon tangy? Snapper fishy? (SORRY, x 3) If so, spread your legs and have a seat! Ad agency Grey in Stockholm, Sweden thought it would be a peachy keen idea to polybag fliers with samples for Lactacyd (sexy name!)—soap for down there—onto the seats of 10,000 women’s bikes in a few of the country’s major cities. You just can’t sit anywhere these days without being advertised to. Grey claims that “9 out of 10 who received a sample on their saddle said they were going to try it.” I highly doubt that data! Anyway, what other seatvertising opportunities are out there? Why not place brochures for the Philip’s ballsack shaver on motorcycle seats? Preparation H ads on park benches? Colonoscopy reminders on subway seats? Beano bottle images on restaurant chairs? Penetrate those ad messages into every orifice of our lives!
|Image: Direct Daily|