300_Sant%C3%A9Suisse.pngHey little overweight Swiss miss/mister: your government thought it would a cool idea to shove your fatness in your faces in THE worst place possible—the playground! “Mommy, why do some of the swings have thicker ropes and chains?” “Well Heidi, it’s to ruin your day of play by calling you a fat-assed blimp at the one place in your daily life where you might get some exercise.” The ad agency responsible, the Zurich office of German shop Jung von Matt, actually claims that “our target audience seemed particularly pleased about the playful handling of a basically serious problem.” I bet. Imagine the reaction if mayor Bloomberg’s overzealous health Czar Thomas Frieden erected these swings in Park Slope parks. So, to recap: playgrounds, shopping carts, movie theater steps and laundromat dryers. Where will ads rudely intrude next? Check back in the next few days when Animal brings you an even creepier Ad Creep update.
|Image: Direct Daily|