300_Vespa.jpgWhen us ad creatives are giving a assignment for a product where the end-benefit is speed, “cheetah” is one of the first thoughts that flits through our lazy brains. That’s because that magnificent creature is the world’s fastest land animal with the ability to accelerate from 0-70 mph in about three seconds. Also? Because the threatened Acinonyx jubatus has been used to illustrate speed in an ad about one fucking billion times. Seriously. But hey, “hat tip”to the courageous pathfinders at Auckland, New Zealand agency Colenso BBDO—this is the first dead cheetah I’ve ever seen in this ad for Vespa’s GTS 300 Super. Ha ha? Calling all copywriters and art directors: STOP ALL ANIMAL METAPHOR ABUSE NOW. Jesus Christ, stretch your minds a little. Previously: Vespa’s NYC-specific posters.
|Image: BestAdsOnTV|