While attending the Critical Mass rally this past Friday, a very familiar face made his way through the fidgety crowd: Reverend Al Sharpton. He was there to discuss police brutality, continuing his campaign to publicize the Sean Bell case among throngs of disinterested cyclists who were clearly more concerned with riding their bikes than hearing speeches. But before he made his way to the podium, I was able to get Sharpton’s attention just long enough to get a comment about former White House press puppet, Scott McClellan’s new ‘Bush is a forgetful cokehead‘ book. The off camera lead question was about his first impression it, to which he quickly responded “It’s about seven years too late.” I then followed up with some awkwardly worded questions about whether McClellan is a coward, should Bush be impeached and who has the “balls “guts” to make that happen, prompting Sharpton to joke about the tongue twisted wording. At a little over 20 seconds long, it quite possibly could be one of the shortest piece of amateur citizen journalism ever documented.