Designer Charles Kalpakian created these dog lamps that were “inspired by graffiti, nature, sculpture, lighting, music and souvenirs.” Pull the dog’s tail to make it glow: “a dynamo stores energy and provides light.” |Core77|
Skull drawing, track riding, graphic designer Mark Boswell launched a new website teaming with fixed gear imagery. |TFG|
Good news for cocaine addicts. Don’t blame yourselves, it’s in your DNA. |Guardian via CityFile|

Although Meghan McCain didn’t really post about Election Night like she promised, she did make a final post thanking her “badass readers.” |McCainBlogette|
Healthcare around the clock: NYC’s first 24-hour clinic opens in Chelsea. |WPIX|
Bushwick’s one day art festival, BETA Spaces, opened this past Sunday. |BushwickBK|
Burn a flag today as a reminder of all the brave veterans that died to give you that right. |DVA|