Now that the United States is going to hell in a handbasket faster than a flaming zeppelin falls from the sky, many Americans are wondering what this country will look like after the coming social-economic-environmental apocalypse. Maybe the 10 Most Amazing Ghost Towns offers a glimpse of what the US will look like in years to come. In Namibia, waves of sand dunes reclaim the rooms of abandoned buildings. In Chernobyl, toxic classrooms stand empty of children. In a walled city in China, “a place where brothels, casinos, opium dens, cocaine parlors, food courts serving dog meat and secret factories ran unmolested by authorities,” nothing has been left behind but the detritus of mankind. Who knows what Times Square will look like in a hundred years, when it becomes a bombed out ghost town that future generations may or may not be around to fetishize. |Kottke|