This latest piece in the nearly year-old Stereo Hell guerrilla marketing project is the most playful and mind-altering yet. The artist has redrawn the scene from a recent poster placement on the front door of a soon-to-open American Apparel outlet, and then created a hilarious crime scene. The two cops standing on their heads are a recreation of Maurizio Cattelan’s goofy 2002 sculpture “Frank & Jamie.” Cattelan is probably most famous for his controversial piece “La Nona Ora,” depicting Pope John Paul II being struck be a meteorite (which sold at Christie’s for $3 million). Add in the requisite fake naked babe mocking/celebrating the upside-down coppers, and, well, I honestly don’t know WHAT the hell you end up with. But it’s fucking fun!
Carroll Street subway station. (Photo: Stereo Hell)