Oppressive Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, notorious for his inhumane and torturous law enforcement tactics, got a little taste of street justice in Mesa, Arizona. A vandal by the name of VooDoo made a stencil of the xenophobic cop and painted it around town with the word “Nazi Joe” above the head—not “Neo Nazi” as reported by two newscasters, back to back, in this CBS affiliate’s report and by these guys. The local media is all over this story, describing the graffiti as “racist” and Mesa cops are considering whether the creative public expression is a hate crime—even though it’s clearly just a barb at the cruel sheriff. Plus, even if the vandal does indeed HATE Arpaio, that doesn’t mean it’s a HATE crime. It also happens to be true. Click below for the blurry uncropped image.