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Funny, puzzling print ads/posters by Brussels agency Mortierbrigade for The Music Factory (TMF), a pop music channel owned by MTV/Viacom that operates in the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, and Australia. “Live Now,” because “Reincarnation Sucks,” they advise. O-K. Winehouse as a sheep is pretty funny and believable. And is that transmigrated husband Blake Fielder-Civil giving it to her Collie-style? One could certainly argue that Amy lives very much in the now, pipe to pipe punch to punch, etc. The Rhino-Paris falls flat for me (though that nose certainly has been Rhinoed). I would think that the Universe would return the big-footed heiress to earth as one of her neglected, dead little puppies. Also: why is Hilton in a music ad? Also also: what’s the fucking point of these ads? Jump for a third execution featuring a darling Marilyn Manson poodle. Previously: MTV anti-piracy ad guilty of first-degree stupidity.

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