Only uncool older white women would wear this perversion of a Milton Glaser classic. The Obama, with it’s graphic tee image is almost streetwear after all!
With every pundit trying to dissect Hillary Clinton’s recent victory over Barack Obama in Pennsylvania from every angle possible, they’ve come up with at least one sticking point they can all agree on: older white women like her better. But why? Do they not trust the young black guy? Would they rather roll with a woman as old as them? Maybe it’s a lot simpler than that and could have to do with shopping—their favorite pastime! While Obama’s camp has been designing campaign goods for the hipper, more fashionably conscious set, Clinton’s went straight for the frilly soccer mom. But don’t take our word for it, see the goods that would only attract females of the PTA-minded persuasion after the jump.

Just look at the difference on the cut of these fleeces. Is that an elastic waistband on the left? No need to parse this further.
The light blue, the script, the really bad color, and the roll-up design: total suburban mommy look.
Heather gray, crappy material, and a bad cut make this one a no-brainer.
How could you not trust this stoic face? And that Obama pin on the right is too cool with all it’s negative space.