Higher power photomicrograph of a single sessile glandular trichome. In layman’s terms: THC crystals!
After recently discovering a 2,700 year old weed stash, scientists have released photos and additional test results of the ancient “cannabis”—notice how they stick to its botanical name and avoid the more commonly used, racist moniker: “marijuana.” The findings show that the herb was potent and definitely cultivated with the intent to get high—whether it was for “medicinal or mystical” uses is still debatable. Researchers tested an 11g sample and although it “lacked the typical cannabis odour,” it still retained a health green color. However, they did emphasize, that if smoked, the sample would not get anyone high. Click below for more photos of the empirical ganja studies in action.

Photograph of the whole cannabis sample being transferred in laminar flow hood.
Low power photomicrograph of a cannabis achene (‘seed’) including the base with a non-concave scar of attachment visible, scale bar=1 mm.
Photos: Journal of Experimental Botany