250_andre_3000.jpgAt least according to one waiter in the ATL who served the OutKaster and got no tip for his efforts. Atlanta waiter Matt Moore claims he bent over backwards to cater to the rapper who came into the restaurant where Moore works. He got the kitchen to prepare special vegan dishes for his high-profile customers, even though the restaurant wasn’t vegan. André and his fellow female diner complained anyway and got their check discounted. As a reward for their hard-run waiter, the baller left him nothing. “I don’t want sympathy. I don’t want pity. All I want is the $9 tip I rightfully deserved,” Moore says, who is selling the personally autographed, no-tip-having check on eBay to recoup his losses. Right now, he’s looking at getting more than twenty-percent. The current bid is $12.50, for a piece of dirty, dirty South style straight up cheapness. |goldenfiddlr.|