Creative pyro Andréa Stanislav is showcasing “Flashland,” a “3 channel video projection, sculpture, photography, glitter collage referencing a spectacular explosion that the artist staged in the Great Salt Flats landscape of the Bonneville Speedway.” The exhibit features 2D glitter collages assembled from archival materials that are “trapped beneath gleaming resin surfaces.”Here’s an amazingly aloof, ‘art speak’ description of the exhibit on a whole: “Because the work collapses upon itself — looping back like a möbuis strip — its obsessions are without rancor. Owning the dualities of being all-too-present and insubstantial at the same time, Flashland presents a psychedelic irony, a staging area where utopian impulses regroup for a self-replicating attack on the neural roots of hierarchy.” The show opens on Thursday, May 22 at Jonathan Shorr Gallery.