The summer has come to an end, but the mystery surrounding the Montauk Monster continues to build, mostly because new beasts are still washing up. Last month, a unidentifiable carcass was found on Rocky Point and now there’s word of another corpse spotted at Ocean Beach Park in New London, Connecticut. It was found by a family strolling along the beach and like its predecessor, had a “pointed, turtlelike snout,” but unlike the backwater residents of Montauk, the Clapsadles notified experts who agreed to take look at the photos. An official from the Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration claimed it had to be a raccoon, there’s no other explanation:

Maggie Jones, director of the Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center in Mystic, said Sunday night after examining photos that her best initial guess would be a raccoon. “I’m quite certain of it,” she said. “The arrangement of the teeth look like a raccoon and the skull is pretty distinctive. It’s nothing else I can think of.”

Some argue otherwise and are convinced it’s another experiment gone bad from the shadowy animal disease lab at Plum Island. While the scientific community is rather uninterested in this creature and would likely balk at a ‘Plum’ tie-in, when you look at the proximity of the two sites on a map and note the path of the ferry which just happens to pass right past the island and the beach it was found, the outlandish speculation becomes all the more real. And most importantly these continued discoveries keep the still not sold out official t-shirt all the more relevant. |TheDay|
Photo: Dana Jensen