Meet Eitan Levine, he’s a 19-year-old Yeshiva Student from New Jersey who attended the Rally To Stop Iran Now at the United Nations yesterday—the one that turned into an anti-Obama rally—to show his support for Israel and declare his crush on Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. He was spotted wandering around with a handwritten sign with his cell phone number on it and the words, “Palin, call me.” Earlier today, ANIMAL reached Levine by phone to ask him about his sign. He said that he no qualms attending a very public event and displaying his number, although he didn’t expect it to be published on the New York Times‘ website either. When a reporter contacted him yesterday for a quote, they assured him that it wouldn’t be published—they kind of kept their word, the photo was cropped in today’s print edition. When asked why he specifically made a pro-Palin sign, Levine said he was partly motivated by her good looks. “I made it last week. It was a joke because she is relatively attractive.”