Although Chris Matthews is usually a smug, media elitist prick, he does a good job of tearing into right wing radio nutcase Kevin James who was on Hardball and whiffed horribly while trying to discuss Bush’s recent “appeasement speech” to the Israeli Knesset. That was the underhanded chunk of words linking the foreign policy of the Democrats to Neville Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister who agreed to appease Hitler in 1938 to try and avert war. When James kept comparing Barack Obama to Chamberlain, Chris Matthews pressed the fast talking conservative mouthpiece to describe what exactly was appeased to Hitler in Munich and he didn’t even know—hint: it had to do with Czechoslovakia—and just kept howling back that the presumptive Democratic nominee was an “appeaser.” Mark Green, who really couldn’t get a word in tried to help the clearly blustered James, offering him these consoling words: “Kevin, you’re in a hole, stop digging.”