250_blackcats_aniamlny.jpgServing Turtle Bay to Carnegie Hall, free weekly Our Town (East Side edition), ran a story last week about how difficult it is to find homes for certain colored felines: “Black cats don’t get adopted nearly as frequently as other colors,” said Kathleen Fram, the co-chair of adoptions for Summit Animal Rescue Association, adding “People just pass them by.” In fact, black kitties often take twice as long to get adopted. While superstition may be a factor for some, Fram sees things as more black and white, “I don’t think it’s witchcraft or anything. I think it’s because they’re plain.” The only time that there’s more of a demand for black cats is when most rescue organization won’t allow any adoptions: October. And they have their reasons, mainly “to prevent them from being used as party props and returned, or, as urban legend has it, sacrificed on Halloween.” Side note: unfortunately, despite their claim of digital reach and promise of a website in 2008 in their media kit (PDF), you still can’t get Our Town online.