warriorethos.jpgWith recruitment still at an all time low despite a $200 million a year ad campaign that includes sleekly designed posters, video games, and Facebook pages, the Army has a new strategy for attracting human fodder for Iraq: “a combination recruiting center/video arcade/retail store.” As if the Armed Forces recruiting station in Time Square proper wasn’t enough of an imprint to ensnare would be soldiers, they plan on opening a massive space that is basically a glorified arcade: “The 14,500-square-foot center will be a multimedia extravaganza with high-tech gadgetry, including flight simulators and life-size soldier video games. This new initiative that hopes on “building “brand experiences” that give potential recruits a taste of military service”—sans the threat of losing limbs or their lives—comes on the heels of the Army hiring it’s first ever CMO (chief marketing officer) to help boost recruitment goals. No so surprisingly this particular branch of the military is finding it increasingly difficult to get even the really dumb people to join, even after drastically lowering it’s admission standards. |NYP|