1_whokilled_obama_fuss.jpgEarlier this week, we took a look at artist Peter Fuss’ “Who Killed Barack Obama” billboard, installed as part of a group art exhibit in Wroclaw, Poland. While some have dismissed the work as sensational shock art, the Polish creative offers his reasoning for creating it:

“This piece of art is about global thought of Obama’s unavoidable death. About the fact that so many people in the entire world share one opinion: Barack Obama is to follow the same story as Lincoln, Kenney, M.L.K., and Malcolm X previously did. And this is due to various reasons: cause he is young, black and ready for radical change.”

But he also notes that the piece is not just about Obama but his supporters too, who may ultimately find themselves facing a similar fate:

“[P]olitics is a dirty cynical game and that an individual, like Obama, identified with hope and progress, the change of the current status quo, those individuals are, sooner or later, to lose, to be condemned to death.”