Well_Hung_site.jpgWarhol superstar Brigid Berlin, takes a cozy approach to defining the tabloid media in her new “Needlepoint” exhibit at John McWhinnie and Glenn Horowitz Bookseller. The sixty-nine year old artist is showcasing 10 years of her fantastic embroidery work, including this “Breaking News” series of New York Post pillows that feature some of the rag’s most salacious headlines and crude front covers. The gallery sums her work and low brow print media in general quite accurately:

“Her subjects are typically crude, salacious paper-selling press announcements in origin designed to appall, shock, and titillate viewers. The meticulously executed needlepoint pieces transform the daily ghastliness of news occurrences and media spin into demure domestic objects of quaint design and questionable comfort.”

The show opens on October 21 (6-8pm) and runs through November 22. More of her plush take on the press below.