Artist and “provocateur extraordinaire” Donny Miller used the LA Auto Show as a staging ground for his ‘Big 3’ bake sale. He raised a total of $4 which he divided up and sent to the CEOs of automakers begging for federal money. |The Art Collectors|
In quasi-related news, a street artist asks for his cut of the federal bailout.
|flickr/Blue Jake|
Some maniac representing the Building Owners and Managers Association of Greater New York argued against new bike friendly initiatives proposed by the city council because they failed address to “terrorist activity.” |City Room|
Now that the parodies have run their course and Obama has been elected, Shepard Fairey has to come up with a new color scheme and design style for the President-elect. |Obama Art Report|
The governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich—who called Obama a motherfucker—was arrested this morning by the FBI for trying to profit off the appointment of Obama’s soon to be vacant senate seat. |Politico|