Artist Strong-Arms Sarah Palin On NYC Streets

2875347368_ea431a8ebe.jpgBilli Kid is a man of his word. After slapping up Sarah Palin in Stamford and promising to give NYC a taste of the rape kit charging politician, the artist brought his property defacing work to DUMBO and lower Manhattan just ahead of the governor’s schedule of meetings with important foreign leaders that Repugnantcans are praying will help bolster her foreign policy credibility beyond just being able to see Russia from Alaska and robotically repeating how the U.S. is a friend of Israel. Unfortunately, the press wasn’t given access to this landmark international people meeting tour. And even though President Bush is hiding while Wall Street collapses, he can’t shake Billi Kid’s sights with the creative activist even taking a shot at the gun slinging, lame duck president in Queens.
(Photo: Billi Kid)