Starting tomorrow, Anonymous Gallery is unloading temporary public art exhibits in Manhattan with the exact locations to be announced through their website. From October 16 to October 19, “Four 20ft x 8ft shipping containers will be placed curbside, near two separate major art institutions.” The ‘CONTAIN‘ show features the work of artists Monica Canilao, Maya Hayuk, Greg Lamarche (SP ONE) and Anthony Lister. Each were given a shipping container and asked to transform the boxy units into walk-in installations. They will be on view from noon to 6pm and only three people are allowed inside at one time. The project’s goal is two fold:

“It is an exploration into the work of four artists who come from a history in public art / street art and transcend into the field of contemporary art.”


“The Project will also serve as a promotional tool for the artists’ upcoming exhibition at the newly opened Anonymous Gallery.”

Be sure to click through the website for maps/locations and more details on the project.