Although the Domino Sugar Factory will keep its iconic sign and exterior intact to make way for 2,200 housing units, here’s your chance to own an image of the famed landmark in its original form. “No sleep ‘til” was created by Massachusetts based artist Nate Duval who describes his inspiration for drawing it: “I was recently in Brooklyn, selling my goods at the Renegade Craft fair and just loved the way [the Domino facory] looked over the bridge and on the water. Upon researching the factory, I discovered it had great history as well, and I just felt I needed to draw it. I was also looking for an iconic image of Brooklyn to draw when looking for inspiration on a piece of merchandise (a hand printed tour poster) for Brooklyn’s own Vivian Girls. They are sugary sweet and I figured what better icon for an all-girl rock band from Brooklyn.” The six-color hand printed art measures 24″x18″ and is being released in an edition of 70, signed and numbered: $40.