300_greenberg_mcain.jpgHoping to touch up their image after getting moderately duped by photographer Jill Greenberg, The Atlantic is sending an apology letter to John Sidney McCain III, announced it won’t be paying the photographer for the photo shoot, and is also considering legal action. The editor of the mag, James Bennet, isn’t happy about Greenberg’s “underhanded” photo-doctoring tactics, telling Fox News, “She has violated the terms of our agreement with her, of our contract with her so we’re taking steps. So we’re looking into what steps we can see to do something about that.” The provocative photographer also stirred up quite a political stink in 2004 when she took a dig at President Bush with some wonderfully shocking photos for an exhibit in LA featuring crying kids that were captioned: “Four More Years.” But the shutterbug really pissed people off, when she later confessed her process, which included intentionally making the toddlers cry—mostly by giving them lollypops then taking them away.