(l) Banksy original, (r) Banksy buffed
After some of his work was buffed, assaulted by the Gray Ghost and then wood planks ripped right from a house he stenciled, Banksy’s work in New Orleans continues to get washed away like a breached levy wall during a category 5 storm. Now his boy swinging on a life saver was recently blotted red. The hurricane-laden images have received mixed reviews by the local yokels, but either way, with the looming national economic crisis and a city that still hasn’t fully recovered from Katrina, good ol’ Mayor Nagin should be passing ordinances to be preserving the public paintings. With Banksy’s original art fetching six figures or more at auction houses worldwide, New Orleanians should tear that shit out intact, and ship it straight to Sotheby’s. |NOLA|