Banksy unveiled his “Crude Oils” series of work at a small gallery accentuated by rats running freely around the space. Update: old news. |Madame Lamb|
PETA must have forgotten about that ‘worms crawl in’ jingle when they created coffins carrying the following tag line: Dead Meat Should Be Buried, Not Eaten. |Copyranter|
Those hideous Bratz dolls for little girls may actually become collector’s items if Mattel’s Barbie keeps kicking their ass in an ongoing trademark infringement lawsuit. |Counterfeit Chic|
A photographic collection of various wild animal asses with neat factoids to boot. |Scienceray|
A Papa John’s deliveryman bringing pizza to a customer was caught on video doing graffiti in an elevator and now the owner of the building is suing the franchise. |Gothamist|