Photos: Banksy (Click to enlarge)
Street stenciling provocateur Banksy updated his website with some photos of the work he recently did in the Big Easy and even offered up the specifics of his combat mission: striking back at Fred “the Gray Ghost” Radtke, an anti-graffiti zealot who has even earned the praise of the cops and Mayor Ray Nagin. Says Mr. Gunningham:

“I came to New Orleans to do battle with the Gray Ghost, a notorious vigilante who’s been systematically painting over any graffiti he can find with the same shade of grey paint since 1997. Consequently he’s done more damage to the culture of the city than any section five hurricane could ever hope to achieve.”

Radtke has made it his mission to buff all forms of graffiti—in some cases even on private property—making him just as guilty of vandalism as the vandals he claims to be fighting. Click below for another example of Banksy’s homage to the color hating, idea killing vandal and other spots that not even Gray Ghost is going to bother buffing.

Photos: Supertouch
Photos: Banksy