397ab2ff73e79f1b351547b3d0639917-1.jpgPublic painter and wheatpasting luminary, BAST, launched a newly designed website that features ‘Arkives‘ of his work as well as a ‘Shoppe‘ to purchase art. Smartly, the Brooklyn-born artist also released two new, limited edition prints to hype the occasion and give patrons some more stuff to collect. ‘Old Spice‘ (pictured right) measures 32×47 inches and is offered in a “hand-collaged edition of 34 ($1400). ‘Pizzoli‘ clocks in at 40×32 inches and was released as an edition of 28 ($900). For those looking to dive in a little deeper and commit to an original piece, he’s got at least one left, the rest sold out. |FeedYourWall|