dtl_murphy_bedbug1_060319.300w.jpgNot content on just feeding off the city’s tenants, bedbugs are not feasting on straphangers too. At a recent symposium on the nasty bloodsuckers, Edward Brownbear from the Department of Housing, Preservation and Development mentioned how the bugs spread by attaching to people’s clothing and how have ended up in various subway stations in the Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn. He recalled that most of the resilient vermin were mostly found on subway benches, which as New York Shitty points out “makes sense given it is has been established these little critters like wood.” But just debugging subways and people’s apartments wasn’t the only concern of the day, “some parishioner at the church where this event was held freaked out that people who have bedbugs were allowed on the premises. A bedbug sniffing dog was brought in to make sure everything was ‘all clear,'” according to Heather from NYS. |NewYorkShitty||NYP|