Repugnant police officer and bike terrorizing hooligan, Patrick Pogan, who lives at home with mom and dad in Long Island, was officially indicted for being a brutal asshole and a liar. As you may recall, the former football player turned rookie cop unprovokingly decked cyclist Christopher Long during a Critical Mass ride in late July and then lied about it in his police report, an account clearly disputed by the now infamous video widely circulated on YouTube.

The short clip ended up saving Long’s ass cause no one would have believed him otherwise. Since the incident, Pogan was stripped of his badge and budge, while all charges against the innocent cyclist were dropped. With the district attorney’s hugely unsuccessful rate of conviction in police brutality cases, they appear to be focusing on the “felony charges of filing false records in connection with the police report.” Sadly, despite the most damning of evidence, they have a better shot at making the perjury charge stick better than the actual assault.