250_TOM_lede_animal.jpg“Last weekend, I touched it, I measured its feet, I felt its intestines,” said Tom Biscardi by telephone late last night. He’s the self-professed Bigfoot hunter discussing his recent visit to inspect a well preserved carcass thought to be the cryptic beast. Today at 12pm California time, he joins Mathew Whitton and Rick Dyer, the two gentlemen laying claim to the gorilla-like creature found in Georgia, to present some more evidence of their discovery. Biscardi explained that the body has been preserved for the past two months in an ice chest, but that didn’t stop it from smelling really bad. “One of the guys kept puking” from the stink according to the Bigfoot enthusiast who described the experience as “euphoric.” UPDATE: Still no real evidence.

Although there’s some serious doubts about today’s press conference, it has also sparked an intense public interest, much like the Montauk Monster—sorry Chupacabra you’re not nearly as enigmatic. Despite the intense skepticism brewing, Biscardi is confident that this will qualify as a major discovery. He admitted that the body won’t be produced just yet, although he did promise that the creature will be autopsied in the next 7-10 days and that more photos will be released online.
Alleged Bigfoot photo. Photo: Searchingforbigfoot