250_bikebloggergetsbikeback_.jpgA little over a month ago, BikeBlog author Mike Green wasn’t thinking clearly, falling for a scam that resulted in his track bike being stolen. He immediately posted information about his easily recognizable steed to his blog, getting the word out, even before filing an official police report. Well, amazingly, with the help of some fellow cyclists, he got his bike back and he wasn’t even in the country. Basically, while away in Canada, a few of his buddies noticed a guy riding the bike awkwardly—like he didn’t belong on a fixed—and followed him. After a few heated conversations, quickly formed bike posses, a little police help and $50, his bike was recovered. In a city that often doesn’t yield back stolen goods, it’s a pretty amazing story. Read the entire account over on Green’ website that includes a bonafide chase scene and vehicle stopping heroics by Brad Baker of fixed gear boutique Trackstar. |BikeBlog|
Photo of Mike Green victoriously holding up recovered bike at recent Critical Mass rally.