ayersflag.jpgWith all this talk about Barack Obama’s loose connection to Bill Ayers, the former domestic terrorist from the 1960s and founder of the Weather Underground—they were first called the Weatherman but female members found it sexist so they changed the name—it was kind of amusing to look through some of the books the hippie radical wrote besides the one about bombing shit that had the misfortune of being reviewed by the New York Times on 9/11. The following passage from Teaching Toward Freedom: Moral Commitment and Ethical Action in the Classroom—that equates teaching with social justice is particularly insightful. It provides some fascinating revelations into the mind of this head-nodding madman:

“Recently at a spoken-word gathering, after several kids had delivered—or as they said, “spit”—a range of vital and propulsive poems, three young men rolled onto the stage in heavy wheelchairs. One needed help holding his mike, one’s head lolled uncontrollably. When the music began they belted out a rap about what people see and don’t see they they look at them in their chairs, when their disabilities seem to trump everything else. “Forget that inhibitions,” they chanted, “I’m more than my condition.” They shouted out to reclaim their full humanity, to resists the labels, and to insist that policy for the disabled take into account voices of their community. The chorus, “Nothing about me without me,” was taken up by the crowd, and then everyone roared the group’s name, to wild applause: “Unexpected!” Who am I in this world? Unexpected. And they were.”

Well that just about does it for us. There’s no difference between this dude and Al Qaeda at all!