250_mayor_bloomberg_king.jpgAfter conferring for months with his billionaire buddies and receiving the blessing of the spineless city council, the billionaire mayor signed a bill today to extend the city’s term limit laws. Although the residents did get a chance to address his royalty firsthand (including this very editor) voters will not a get a chance to decide the matter by public referendum like in 1993 and 1996. As political devices, voter referendums are far and few between. They never happen on a state level, but every now and then, the city’s residents are given an opportunity to make policy. With all the popularity Mayor Mike is enjoying and an electorate charged by the national elections, it’s kind of surprising he didn’t just put it up for vote, it’s likely that people would have said yes to a third term. Instead, he’s gone rogue and not even a personally funded, multi-million dollar campaign can put enough lipstick on this pigheadedness.